Bullet-ray van Olphen


21-03   Musee du Rodin, LRC, Paris (FR)*
22-03   Living Room Concert, Paris (FR) *
23-03   Living Room Concert, Rennes (FR)*
23-03   L'artiste Assoiffe, Rennes (FR)*
30-03   Living Room Concert, Tallinn (EST)*

09-04   Ekko, Utrecht
13-04   Sterren Op Het Station, DLC Cafe, Soestdijk
23-04   Tivoli Vredenburg, Utrecht*
04-05   Domkerk, Utrecht*
05-05   Bevrijdingsfestival, Utrecht*

*As part of the Knalland project

* with Kragt (Solo)


08-11   Sin and Soul, Janskerk, Utrecht* 
4-11   Sin and Soul, De Duif, Amsterdam*
21-11   Sin and Soul, Teresia van Avilakerk, Den Haag*
30-11   Sin and Soul, Stevenskerk, Nijmegen*
12-12   Sin and Soul, Paradijskerk, Rotterdam*

* As part of Knalland

Casper Adrien is a musician based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Since entering the Dutch music scene in 2010 with the release of his solo debut-EP “To Save a Fish from Drowning”, he has been active in numerous musical projects. In 2012 he participated in the acclaimed Lorrainville project, singing, writing and performing together with artists like Anneke van Gierbergen and Blof. Inspired by his Lorrainville-experiences, he initiated the Knalland project: a musical collaboration project focusing on artists based in the Kanaleneiland district of Utrecht. Knalland released its debut-album in May 2013, and has gained much attention and praise throughout the Netherlands ever since. Besides working as a solo-musician Casper has also been a founding-member of indie-folk band Oh, Brave Wide Eyes, which released their debut-EP “The Tascam Recordings” in 2012.



Bookings NL/Europe

Meet Me Cassius

B. Kragt



I'd like to welcome everybody to my new and improved website. Special thanks to Marcin and Milou for creating it for me. Take a look at their website for more inspiring work. For me it symbolizes the start of my new solo 'aspirations'. 2014 will be a very important musical year for me. Besides my solo work I will continue to work on my other projects as well. Big plans start with the first steps. My bandcamp player shows a brand new track called Sparrows. Meet Me Cassius will be in charge of my bookings. First on the bill are a couple of shows in France and Estonia. Love Casper

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